2020/2021 Roadmap

So, what have we achieved so far?

Starting with Offcourse cover, our zero admin, self managed shipping protection app, launched in July 2020, we have engaged with over 35,000 businesses! We have been listening and used the feedback we have received to create a roadmap for 2021 to continue to improve our products.


  • Dec 2019 - Launched withanansi.com

  • May 2020 - Launched offcoursecover.com

  • July 2020 - Pre- Launched Offcourse Cover

  • July - Dec 2020 - Engaged 25,000 + ecommerce, Shopify business owners

  • October 2020 - Removed the £100 cart value limit from Offcourse Cover

What are working on?

The entire team at Anansi are working super hard to develop products which will support you and your business. We believe in transparency and want to ensure that all of our customers are aware of the continuous improvements we are making.

Let’s take a closer look to what we are working on at the moment:

Due H1 2021:

  • Shipping Protection for International deliveries

    • We have heard your requests to extend our Zero admin, Self Managed, Shipping Protection App to include International deliveries. We are currently working with our Insurance partners to deliver this as an option within our App

  • Shipping Protection for Jewellery and Valuables

    • ​Yes, that’s right! We know how important shipping protection is for higher value items, such as jewellery and valuables. With our Insurance partners we are working on including Jeweller and valuables coverage within our app!

  • Shipping Protection for damaged parcels

    • Offcourse Cover currently supports delayed or lost parcels. We have received feedback from some customers to ask if damaged parcels can also be included. We are in early discussions with our Insurance partners to investigate ways to expand our offering to include damaged parcels

  • Expand our app beyond Shopify!

    • At Anansi we have big, exciting plans! Expanding our app beyond the Shopify platform is a key focus for our product roadmap next year. This will enable you to track and insure deliveries across your business. We’d welcome your feedback on which ones are key to your business. This will be one of our biggest ambitions for next year.



  • Wider range of insurance products

    • Zero admin, Self Managed, Shipping Protection is just the start! We’re aware that your ecommerce business faces many other risks that you need protection for. We will keep you posted on the additional commercial insurance products that we’re working on with our partners.

If you are a user of Offcourse Cover, we would love to hear your thoughts about our product!
Growing and evolving our app to support your growing businesses is incredibly important to us.